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How to organize a scatterbrain

iStock/chameleonseye There you are sitting at your desk. You glance at the clock: 2:45pm, plenty of time to complete this email, you think, before you have to go to that important meeting at 3pm. You finally click on the send button and check the clock: 3:05pm, you’re late. Happens to us all, but for you, is it all too frequent?  Or you might find yourself standing there, staring into the refrigerator trying to recall exactly what it was that you came to retrieve. We’ve all been there. But for some it can happen multiple times a day along with a seemingly eternal search for keys, wallet, phone or glasses all of which you may occasionally discover in the refrigerator instead of the milk carton that’s slowly warming on your countertop.  These are just a couple of examples that might indicate a weakness in a person’s executive skills. This post is about how executive skills, stress and my ongoing project all fit together. What are executive skills? You might have already heard of “execut