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Is your mental health app backed by science?

  Is your mental health app backed by science?  Photo by Sarah Gualtieri via When choosing a mobile app to help you in your mental health journey, look for features and design choices that are supported by scientific evidence. In this blog post, you will read about which mental health app features are common in apps according to a 2017 meta-analysis study, some of which are backed by scientific evidence. You will know which features are supported by science and which need further studies. Look for an app that uses data-driven design and contains evidence-based activities that improve mental health. Use an app in conjunction with a licensed therapist to get the most out of your mental health journey. After reading this blog post, you will be able to make evidence-based and informed decisions about the apps you choose and trust with their mental health. We looked at a meta-analysis that identified common features in mental health apps across 45 research articles and here is